Justine M. Malcontento


Passionate, resilient, and monstrously creative. Highly competent to meet reasonable expectations. An explorer of possibilities and efficient solutions. Loves challenges. Eager to learn even further and mark relevant contributions through his creative skill sets.

He is a Game Artist / Illustrator / Concept Artist with vast experience in working for various forms of entertainment media (films, games, toys, published works, etc). His specialties include Illustration, Concept Art, Character & Creature Design while being knowledgeable in VFX Compositing & animation (AE), Video Editing & Graphic Design.

A proactive team player who helps in delivering the solutions and achieving project goals. Adherently works for the welfare of his employer and values mutual respect among co-workers and superiors.

A big fan of “hard work”


  • Illustration
  • Game Art & Graphics
  • Concept Art